Safe, sustainable and accessible buildings

We at Comunitelia help you to improve the management of your facilities and turn them into Smart Buildings, adding solutions for integrated and automated management and control, with the aim of increasing energy efficiency, safety, usability and accessibility.


Smart buildings

This technology can be applied to all types of buildings, whether new or requiring refurbishment: offices, museums, councils, banks, hospitals… For a building to be considered a “Smart Building” it must meet these objectives:

Connectivity: To comply with this point, it is important to make use of IOT, as buildings are committed to connectivity between their tenants and the surrounding space.

Energy efficiency and sustainability: Thanks to the sensors installed throughout the building, it will be possible to measure and achieve optimal energy values: ideal temperature and humidity, control of lights according to schedules…

Security: Comply with security and cybersecurity standards to maintain the integrity of your communications and actions.

Accessibility: Smart buildings should be comfortable and accessible to everyone, as one of the goals is to make life easier for their occupants.

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