Technology for agricultural and livestock farms

At Comunitelia we design solutions for monitoring and analysing environmental parameters, which contribute to improving productivity and optimising resources.


Make better decisions for your farming operation

The platform with wireless sensors connected to the cloud allows the plot manager to know the status of the plot in real time from an electronic device, and thus make immediate decisions to improve productivity and therefore the profitability of the farm.

Weather monitoring

Accurate, real-time, local information on weather conditions affecting soils and crops is crucial in precision agriculture, as it contributes to better management of risks associated with weather and climate and to achieving maximum production. With our systems you have real-time information 24/7 to know the environment and anticipate special weather situations.

What can we measure?

Crop monitoring

Our solution allows farmers to monitor the current state of their crops, plants or vineyards, the possible risks of diseases and, in general, to carry out an integral management from any device with an Internet connection; all of this based on objective data collected from the farm in real time.

What can we achieve?

Health monitoring

The continuous measurement of environmental parameters that influence animal welfare and the development of diseases provides detailed information about the state of a farm in order to detect diseases or possible losses, among other incidences or alerts, at an early stage.

What can we achieve?

By developing predictive algorithms with data on water consumption, temperature and age, we can take advantage of these opportunities:

Main advantages

The cameras system allows us to monitor the state of our vineyards at all times. Comunitelia has helped us a lot by improving our installations with its Smart Agro solution.
Juan Antonio López Montero
Managing Director - ALTOSA

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