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We provide you with the technological services that best suit the security needs of your organisation. Video surveillance, alarm, on-site control, GPS fleet control and more.

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Access and Presence Control

We know how important it is to control and restrict access to the facilities of external personnel. For this purpose, we provide solutions to control working hours.

We will carry out a study that will help you reduce unnecessary expenses and increase profitability.

Video surveillance

We provide you with a state-of-the-art and efficient surveillance system using IP, analogue or hybrid CCTV, facilitating the security of your company and the management of processes.


We offer anti-intrusion, gas leakage control, flooding and fire extinguishing alarm solutions, providing a complete and total security service.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Monitor your vehicle fleet by GPS with total reliability and accuracy.

Vehicle access control

This system will facilitate the control of vehicles circulating in your facilities, ensuring the passage of authorised vehicles and restricting those that are not authorised by means of lists and visual recognition services for number plates or other identifiers.

Our company decided to contract the services of Comunitelia because of their experience and their prices. The video surveillance cameras they have installed work very well. I recommend them for their speed and responsiveness. The service we received was good, and I would like to highlight the work of the technician who attended us, who was very helpful.
Jose María de la Fuente
Technical director of EXIDE, Manzanares, Ciudad Real

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Our specialised sales representatives will contact you to arrange an appointment and evaluate the technological solutions that your company may need.

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