Corporate Social Responsibility

At Comunitelia we support various sporting, social and environmental causes.

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Kirira Foundation

The aim of this foundation is to end genital mutilation to which thousands of girls are subjected for traditional reasons. The foundation also promotes dignity and solidarity towards the most vulnerable in order to alleviate their suffering and contribute to building a fairer world.

From Comunitelia we contribute to the cause by providing them with telephone services.


The main objective of this organisation is to define and promote a social and health care model for rare diseases, while assimilating, transmitting and applying concepts such as the humanisation of the health care system, improving the quality of life of patients and, consequently, of their families.

AFAS Tomelloso

This association aims to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities. Comunitelia has donated and installed two APs so that the kids can have access to the internet from anywhere in their residence.

Odeon Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation is to promote initiatives of a social nature, both in Spain and abroad, thus attempting to respond to the needs, within the rural environment, in:

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