Keep your network and equipment covered in the event of unforeseen events

Nowadays, communications and technology are the driving force of organisations. A failure in the equipment or networks of your company has serious consequences in its functioning and reputation. That is why at Comunitelia we have a highly qualified technical team with extensive experience to keep your networks and technological equipment always available.


Comprehensive Network Maintenance

The computer network is a vital part of your organisation as it enables the sharing of information, resources and services. Our Comprehensive Network Maintenance tool includes:

Not included:

Comprehensive maintenance of equipment

This includes physical switchboard, cameras, recorders, access controls or any equipment installed by Comunitelia. We also take care of the maintenance of equipment that has been previously acquired by the client. Our Comprehensive Equipment Maintenance includes:

Computer Maintenance

At Comunitelia we can also repair and maintain your computer equipment. Our Computer Maintenance service includes:

Not included:

Network monitoring

The network monitoring system allows you to measure, alert, analyse and optimise all systems and devices in your company.


At Comunitelia we provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for your business. No matter if your company is big or small, cybersecurity is key to ensure a good service, so we have antivirus platforms from Panda and Sophos to install both on PCs and on smartphones or tablets. Our Cybersecurity solution can: – Minimise the risk of malware:

Although we have only been with them for a short time, it is true that every time we have raised problems with them (which is typical when you are with a new phone company), it didn't matter if it was minor or major, if they couldn't solve them online, they sent you to a technician to solve the problem quickly. We were assigned to Sergio, a young guy who was the only one in more than 20 years who left the mess of cables (which we were terrified to touch), all neat and tidy. Incredible!!! Also, the sales people get involved and follow up with you to check that everything is going perfectly. I recommend them without a doubt.
Cristina Hervás

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Our specialised sales representatives will contact you to arrange an appointment and evaluate the technological solutions that your company may need.

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