Digital inclusion points

This project means that all municipalities in the Castilla-La Mancha region have at least one free public access point in a municipally owned space. Each Digital Inclusion Point is a link between citizens and networks, creating a large virtual network. Each DIP is equipped with three computers with printer and internet connection for all citizens who wish to use it.


Puntos de inclusión digital

The objective

The installation of the DIPs throughout the region contributes to increasing citizen confidence in the digital sphere, as well as extending the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) among residents in their relations with the administration, under conditions of equity and non-discrimination, and the use of the set of applications and information systems oriented towards electronic open government and e-culture.

Comunitelia's solution

Comunitelia has been part of this project in four of the five provinces of Castilla-La Mancha, where it has been in charge of the equipment, installation and correct functioning of the more than 1200 devices that are already available to the citizens.



We have set up 209 access centres in 204 municipalities in this province, with a total of 627 jobs, as each centre has three teams.

ciudad real-01

Ciudad Real

Our company has developed the Ciudad Real network, which covers 97 municipalities in the province. We have installed a total of 519 access points, which translates into 1,600 jobs.



The network of 94 DIPs in Albacete consists of 94 access points, a total of 282 complete units spread over 87 municipalities in the province.



We have installed 210 DIP points in a total of 209 municipalities in the province of Cuenca. This translates into a total of 627 workstations that are available to citizens who want to use them.

The results

The digital inclusion points are located in municipally-owned premises where citizens can access web page consultation services, use electronic mail, submit documents electronically, carry out administrative procedures via the Internet, as well as edit, process, print, reproduce, record or file personalised electronic documents using the services and tools provided by the different providers in the Internet cloud.

With the installation of the DIPs, the digital divide in our region is reduced, as access to new technologies and the possibility of using e-administration reaches all cities and towns, regardless of their size and geographical location. By giving access to technology, we are making progress in achieving equal opportunities in any part of this region, whether in a rural or urban environment.


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