Improved customer service at Peugeot car dealership


Technology to improve customer service

The official Peugeot dealership in Olías del Rey and Illescas (Toledo), Hermanos Viñarás Toledo, was founded in 1997 to revolutionise the vehicle sales and repair business. Customer service and service quality are the two cornerstones of its company philosophy and to achieve them the company has been committed, from the very beginning, to incorporating technology and the latest advances.

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The objective

As a company devoted to providing impeccable customer service, Hermanos Viñarás Toledo has invested in improving its internal and external communication networks with solutions that allow for greater coordination between offices, increase the quality of service and reduce costs.

Mejora Atención al cliente en concesionario automotor

Comunitelia's solution

Improved customer service at Peugeot car dealership

It is a real pleasure for Comunitelia to work with Hermanos Viñarás Toledo, a modern company that always wants to be at the forefront of new technologies and that already has new tools that allow it to achieve its objectives.

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Virtual switchboard

Hermanos Viñarás Toledo has deployed a virtual switchboard linking its Olías del Rey and Illescas facilities. It also has a unified network of mobile and landline terminals.

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Call centre

The call centre has enabled the company to provide a more efficient and productive service by channelling customer requests through personal and specialised attention.

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Thanks to our Videotelia service, Hermanos Viñarás Toledo employees can hold remote meetings from anywhere and from all types of devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktop computers or laptops.

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Following a network study, Wimax and LTE internet access was installed throughout its facilities, which significantly improved its communications.

The results

Hermanos Viñarás Toledo is now a more productive company that also saves costs thanks to the implementation of new technological tools. And all this while strengthening the two main aspects of the philosophy with which it was born more than 20 years ago: to be a leader in the provision of services for its customers.

Mejora Atención al cliente en concesionario automotor Peugeot
Comunitelia has managed to provide us with the solution that best suits us.
Carlos Viñarás Gallart

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